Welcome to Gumby’s Pizza "Ghost Kitchen" Factory Program!



“Ghost Kitchens” are increasingly becoming a force in the American Restaurant landscape, if you have not heard the term before, it is essentially a factory inside of an existing restaurant. Gumby’s Pizza has created a model that leverages the Gumby’s Pizza brand, its nationally famous Gumby and Pokey cartoon characters, and the delivery model created by companies such as Doordash, Uber Eats, and GrubHub. Gumby’s Pizza was founded on October 26, 1985 in Gainesville, FL. at the University of Florida. The second location was opened shortly thereafter at Florida State University (FSU) in Tallahassee. Then in 1986, the Gumby brand decided to expand to other college towns and since then have opened many locations in various college towns across America. Today Gumby's Pizza has tens of millions of loyal Gumby's Pizza aficionados living all around the country who affectionately remember their college years and the great taste of a piping hot large Gumby Pizza and the scrumptiously delicious Pokey Stix. On October 26th, 2020 Gumby's Pizza celebrated its 35th Anniversary s ince opening the first location in Gainesville in 1985.

Gumby’s Pizza locations have exceeded $1.6 Billion in total sales Now in the middle of the Pandemic, with everyone taking advantage of easy home delivery services the Gumby's Pizza company is in full expansion mode. Our focus is to utilize present pizza store operators around the country who need extra business, but not extra expenses, to quickly increase their bottom line by tens of thousands of dollars monthly. This explosive growth opportunity is driven by effectively using our Gumby's Pizza Marketing and Extensive Brand Awareness to reach our loyal customers who want to buy a Gumby's Pizza and are happy to pay a premium price to have it quickly delivered to their door.

Our loyal customers are not looking for just any Pizza They are only looking for a GUMBY PIZZA! That is the key factor

There is no competition only increased sales and profits for your business .

And the profits are HUGE!! Our average ticket typically ranges from $30 - $60 . And you can expect to receive 20- 50 orders daily.

We expect your well-run Gumby’s Pizza Factory to see an extra $300,000.00 annually of business and an extra $100,000.00 of profit in your pocket. We at Gumby's Pizza know you need help and added business to your existing revenue is the answer you have been waiting for. No extra rent, staff or utility bills, only extra profit for you. You deserve it, so join our team of exclusive operators. And, if for any reason you don’t like it, you can cancel at any time, if this once-in-a-lifetime

opportunity isn't everything we say it is.
But here is the best news for your business:
• There is no Cost to you... no upfront fees... (none) you need to make money not spend it
• If selected we will train you, right in your store, on how to make our delicious custom products
• Training should take less than a day, and we pay for all costs of training your chef(s)
• You can be up and running in one week
• It’s all profit after the ingredients which you already have (No extra rent, staff or even advertising!)
• You take advantage of our Brand Recognition and Marketing
• Our contract is 1 page long, either party can cancel if not satisfied at any time • Your customers never know you are a Ghost Factory for Gumby's Pizza • No Gumby's Pizza Logo is visible to customers at your location
• All orders come only from our national local delivery services such as Doordash, Uber Eats, and GrubHub and, of course, gumbyspizza.com
• All money is paid directly to your separate bank account
• Gumby's Pizza will weekly directly debit via an ACH the account for our 35% and you keep 65% - importantly, all the money (100%) initially goes into your account, you are not waiting on us to pay you – we trust you
• We will even pay for the computer tablets monthly fee; your only costs under our factory program are for the Gumby’s Pizza box and ingredients – you already are paying for everything else – your capacity utilization will skyrocket along with your profits – this is how you get rich by maximizing your profits on money you already are spending each month and each day

WE WANT YOU MAKING AN EXTRA 40 GUMBY’S PIZZAS A DAY WITH NO ADDITIONAL OVERHEAD ! So, what is in it for us: We get to use your experience and location to make our great Gumby 's Pizza Pies and Pokey Stix and we don’t have to build a new store. It’s quick, profitable, and immediate, for both of us – you are only becoming our factory. You take full advantage of our powerful branding and social media and grow your bottom line. What could be better than that?

Our goal is to open Ghost Gumby Pizza Factories around the country
Everyone loves Gumby and Pokey. They are well-known iconic cartoon characters – some reports have them higher rated than Mickey Mouse – we are talking Disney level cartoon characters that will be feeding your bottom line! You remember Eddie Murphy dressed up as “Gumby” on Saturday Night Live So does everyone else, who will be buying our Pizzas and Pokey Stix Not to mention our millions of loyal Gumby’s Pizza customers Our Gumby’s Ghost Factory is the greatest idea to hit the restaurant industry but it only works because we have Name Brand Recognition

Why don't you consider joining our team and allow us to help you potentially make an extra $100,000.00 this year – how nice would it be if you did this last year and your bank account had that extra $100,000.00 in it right now. Remember, no additional rent, no additional employees, no additional utilities, and no additional advertising...JUST MORE PROFITABLE SALES.

Why don't you consider joining our team and allow us to help you potentially make an extra $100,000.00 this year – how nice would it be if you did this last year and your bank account had that extra $100,000.00 in it right now. Remember, no additional rent, no additional employees, no additional utilities, and no additional advertising...JUST MORE PROFITABLE SALES.

Operating a Ghost Gumby’s Pizza factory inside of your restaurant is extremely simple and profitable. There is no overhead associated with operating a Gumby’s Pizza Factory. You do NO advertising, NO marketing, and NONE of your current customers will ever know of your side business as there will be NO signage indicating that you are a Factory for Gumby’s Pizza – that is our little secret!
We will generate orders from gumbyspizza.com and 3rd party delivery platforms such as Doordash, Uber Eats, Eat Street, Slice, Postmates, Bite Squad, etc. We will help you turn your dead time and space into a profit center. Since you are already paying the rent, utilities, labor, licenses, lease payments for equipment, etc. why not make more money off your investment and overhead – simply keep your current business and add our Gumby's Pizza Factory to maximize your income.

Our Factory is a “Zero Overhead Profit Machine”!
Your restaurant will now house two profit centers in one store. This will give you a huge advantage over all the other restaurants in your area. The profit potential is clear: ADDED PROFITS . Since there is no additional overhead (current overhead is already being paid by your existing business), and because our products sell at substantially higher prices due to our reputation and brand recognition (our customers know Gumby's Pizza and order it by name) which allows for higher margins and bigger profits for all.

THERE IS ZERO RISK IN THIS DEAL. You can give it a try for essentially no money and if for any reason you are not completely satisfied, you can cancel the deal with no penalty of any kind at any time – that's right, you have an absolute right to terminate the deal that is how confident we are that you will be completely satisfied. Making money quickly, by making our Gumby's Pizza, without additional overhead. This is not a franchise. You pay us no fees. You get to make Gumby products for our premium customers. You keep 65% of the sale price. We get our 35% weekly after you get paid from the delivery service provider – you collect all the money, you are never waiting on us to pay you. Simple. Fast. Profitable. Let’s make history together. If you don’t sign up, we are certain one of your neighboring pizza restaurants will jump at our offer. Come and join the Gumby's Pizza Team.

We are not a Dominos or Papa John’s, we do not intend to saturate any geographic area with factories. We plan to open one and if we see that you have too much business and cannot handle the volume of orders, we will consider opening a second factory. Under a franchise model the game is to get as many units open as possible and collect those huge franchise fees but that is not our game we, you and Gumby, are both sitting on the same side of the table – we both eat together!

Gumby’s Pizza was selected by Goldbelly as one of the most iconic brands in America. 1,000s restaurants constantly apply to be on their site but they accept a very select few to join them. Gumby’s Pizza has touched the lives of millions and millions of people across all 50 states through Goldbelly and through our 35 years of being in business in numerous college towns across America. Goldbelly is not your competition because they deliver our frozen Gumby’s Pizza overnight – you, as our factory, deliver in less than an hour.

Gumby is a very well-known cartoon character, rated higher than even Mickey Mouse; and who can forget Eddie Murphy on Saturday Night Live – let's work together to leverage our Gumby Nationally recognized characters into a Pizza Money-Making Experience for you.